going slow

I have a job which at certain points is rather hectic. I have to watch that I don’t carry that spirit over into much of life, or even part of it.

I like where I can to go slow.

You might gather that, as I think it’s part of a carryover in how I’ve been blogging. I think shorter often is better, though not necessarily so.

I’m not too interested in blogging anymore. I don’t care for theological debates, though some of that is inevitable. And not all of it am I averse to, especially if we can do so in a good spirit, hearing each other out. I find it rather lonely with little interaction. There are good places to go for edifying interaction online. And in the real world as well.

I guess what keeps me going is the love to read and write. And the conviction that words and thoughts are quite important and foundational to life. If that were not so, would God have given us the written word?

In the meantime I’ll go it slow. Hopefully to find my way in the Jesus way. I’m kind of lost right now. Not in regard to the Jesus way, but my own way on it.