pressing on

Paul spoke of existence in this life as consisting in Christ and he pressed on toward the mark of God’s high calling in Christ. This is the kind of mentality we need in life if we’re to follow Paul as he followed Christ.

Jesus is our foundation, God in him. We learn this from scripture which points us to him as our life, the one in whom the life of all of the new creation lives and moves and has its being.

Like most anyone, there are challenges and questions along with seeming setbacks that are just a part of my life. I rarely if ever feel comfortable about where I’m at, or what is going on. It is so wonderful to have those interludes when we can simply kick back and rest awhile. I’m thinking along with Deb about our getaway when warm weather comes again (or one of these years, before it does).

In the meantime we do well to be renewed in remembering that Christ indeed is our life, that for us in him to live is Christ. And that we indeed want to be those who are pressing on toward the goal and end in all of life, found in Christ.

Of course we do it in the way of Christ, in and through him. And we do so together in community, as well as individually. All of this in mission in good works of love and in verbal proclamation and witness to a world which needs to see the light of the world in us, that light who is Jesus.