what are we known for?

In our society “evangelical” is a name which is known and shunned to some extent. Of course Christians want to attribute that to them being persecuted. But I think other reasons are involved as well.

Evangelical Christians advocate war more than the general population in the United States. We also have an aversion against science. Taking a stand against naturalism is one thing; doing the same against peer reviewed science itself is another. And we are known for taking a stand against gays. We have political clout in everything. We’re known for wanting to take America back for God. As well as having fringes of “left behind”, apocalyptic sentiments. And being anti-intellectual.

This is all a tragedy. Some of it is indeed unfair. Just as we need to listen to the other, they need to hear us out as well. At the same time we are deserving of some of this, I’m afraid.

What should we be known for?–is the question. The answer has to be related to the good news we are to live out, be a witness to, and proclaim. The good news in and through Jesus. That he indeed is Messiah, that God’s kingdom has come in him. That there is a new way of being human, indeed a new community in this world in and through him. That the old ways are gone, to be judged, to be thrown on the trash heaps of history. That the new way in Jesus has come to stay. Resurrection life in the way of the cross in Jesus.

This must be more than just about our individual lives. It must be communal, missional, intentional, active.

Whatever we might be known for, that is what we’re to be about. What God is about in and through Jesus to and for the world.