trusting in God

Faith concerns truth revealed, or accepting something as truth revealed. And in Christianity, faith is about trusting a person. The person of the three-person God. In Jesus.

God keeps growing us along the way. He stretches us in uncomfortable ways. I’d like to be well established in faith, and comfortable in it. And to some extent that’s true for me as a gift from God that has become a part of my existence, a part of me over time. But no, God keeps moving me along the way to grow in my faith. In significant measure due to my obtuseness. I’m slow to learn to walk by faith in a personal, relational way with God, living that out in relationship with others. Faith is about relationships, indeed faith expresses itself in love.

God wants our personal trust. We see that time and again in scripture. God’s call to people is never easy. We know we’re in over our heads. But God promises to be with us.

Sometimes we need someone to prayerfully trust God for us so that we can grow in our trust in God in a certain matter. This is what community in Jesus in part is all about, in the church. We’re in this together. And we can pray out of our faith for those who do not yet have faith themselves. That they too might see and believe and put their trust in God through Jesus.

Trusting in God. I’m working on that, and want to grow more in that reality. Moment by moment into day to day into week after week into months and years the rest of the time God gives me in this present life.