being thankful

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States.  There is much to be thankful for, even in this sad world of ours. Although for some people it is a losing battle for survival. It is remarkable how often those who have the least are thankful the most for what they do have.

Perhaps I’ve been more thankful than what I think, but as I’ve grown older I think I am much more thankful for the good of life. There is so much in life that is indeed good. In God’s good creation and provision. Family and friends. The church- brothers and sisters in Jesus. Jesus himself by the Spirit and through him the Father. The hope that the salvation in Jesus has brought for us and for the world.

We do have much to thank God for. I want to be more and more aware of all the blessings God daily pours on us. There is so much good. And in Jesus the best is always yet to come. And yet that should not diminish in the least for us the good now present with us. As we learn to appreciate the good now present with us, we’ll appreciate as well all the good to come.

God is good. We thank him through Jesus our Lord.