sorting things out

To be human in part is to want to understand. To try to make sense out of things, out of life. We analyze, categorize, organize, systematize. Seen on many fronts both formal and informal.

Actually I’m not the most organized person in the world as my wife will more than dutifully agree. Not that her relationship to me is one of duty I would hope!

There is something good in wanting to sort things out. As long as we never think we have everything figured out. Sometimes we may think we have nothing at all figured out, and actually that can be good since God may want to work in us through Jesus an entirely new way of seeing.

Jesus was out and about not only doing good, but challenging everyone in regard to what is good, what is fitting. Humanity knows something is wrong, out of whack, not in good order. There is that deep sense of right and wrong, of something better- something of shalom in which everything is the way it’s supposed to be.

A big problem in this life is when entities impose on others what they think is in order and good, or more than likely- to impose their own will. We’ve seen the devastation that can cause all too clearly in the past century. And it continues, with push backs as we see today.

Sorting things out is in large part what Jesus came to do, and what he does through God’s kingdom come in him, even in this present life. In fact most definitely in this present life, the hope to come framed in categories of that. And it actually begins here and now in Jesus. In and through his community, the community of God in him, yes the humble church, his Body in the world. And out from that community impacting for good the world. In Jesus ways, in the way of the cross. Using the order in place, and yet living by another order which disrupts the status quo. A big part of what it means to take up one’s cross.

Yes, I’m always sorting things out so to speak, even disorganized me. And we all do. In the end, and beginning now, all things find their place and are brought to complete unity and harmony in and through Jesus. That is the hope we look forward to seeing realized, in which begin to live even now, seeking to live that out in Jesus in and for the world. As we indeed grow in it, ourselves.