time out

Sometimes we need a time out from the normal routine. We need to tune out from regular life. And I’m not talking about holidays, or vacations, though they may (or may not) help us do this.

The times I’m thinking of are times when we just are. Present before God, with ourselves, maybe even with another. But in silence. Time stopped. Or life as it is normally lived out. Perhaps this could be a sort of sabbath practice for us followers of Jesus, as we seek to live more completely in the one who is our Sabbath.

As we learn to practice regular times out in which we are tuned out from the regular, normal routine, we can then better tune back in. Refreshed, renewed, with a new sense and vigor for life.

We are so pressed and so used to living that way that we hardly see the need to do otherwise. But we know the pressure is often not good, and that we could well use breaks from it. What people resort to is often unhealthy. As in drinking too much, or activities which take over their lives.

Instead we need to have those regular time outs, so that in the normal routine of life, we are invigorated in the way of Jesus. Living in his rest and the good works that follow that. Together in and through Jesus for the world.