when not knowing what to do

Sometimes in some things we are uncertain as what needs to be done. What we should do. I wonder for us followers of Jesus if this is not often a test of our faith. Are we willing to wait on God and his counsel, or not? And then when we do receive direction, are we willing to follow through on that?

I find myself at times assaulted by troubling thoughts, usually over some matter which has been looming large off and on in my mind. I am willing to share my struggle with a trusted spiritual adviser one might call a spiritual  director, a pastor, some friend who can pray for me. God gives us counsel oftentimes through each other. Of course in line with God’s word, scripture. Along with tradition, in other words how the church has been directed, or has done. Reason has its place. And experience at the tail end, it too having its place.

I have often found in my life that when I get rid of a problem in the easiest way possible, which likely is not the best way, that later I am revisited with something similar, because I haven’t learned the lesson, or come to the place God wants for me in regard to that matter. This is all a part of growing into fuller maturity in Christ. And that together with others.

Part of my own problem is that I can have an idyllic state in view. Or at least what should not be accepted. But the walk of faith, indeed the obedience of faith dictates otherwise. It may run against the grain of all our sense. And leave us rather undone, at least in ourselves. In the words of a poet: “Where I’m lost enough to let myself be led.”

I dislike this, and I dislike writing about it. I want the easy way out. But then I know better. Faintly know better. So I want to press on. Along with others in Jesus. In and for the world.