community less

Spirituality from what I catch of it from the great Tradition of Christianity is largely in individualistic terms: the soul and God, or the individual’s relationship to God. Of course this is vitally important and can’t be set aside. And besides, we can learn much from this, there is much wisdom in the church to be gathered, albeit in these individualistic terms.

But in Jesus we are radically community. We are one Body in him by the Spirit. Jesus said that his mother, as well as his sisters and brothers are all those who do the will of his Father. That means in Jesus we are indeed family. And the “one another” passages in the New Testament are well known.

We need an overhaul in our thinking, or an undertow to sweep us off our feet and into the stream of spirituality which has at its heart community. Individualism is rampant in our society, inherited in part from our Greek, Platonic heritage, and in large part from the Enlightenment.

In Jesus we are all in this together. There is limited spirituality apart from this togetherness. This togetherness is both for ourselves, to grow us up into full maturity in Christ. And for the world, as we do this. In itself it is missional, that the world might see us together in this new way in Jesus, and believe.