into a new year

Often I’ve heard our Pastor Sharon encourage us to pursue what brings us life in and through Jesus. This is in reference to the way that is in Jesus.

I’m not into New Year’s resolutions. I want to grow in grace and pursue what helps me along those lines. As a follower of Jesus.

Pastor Sharon is an advocate of God’s people benefiting from the practice of the classical Christian disciplines. She wonderfully helps us in her award winning novel to consider practicing some of those disciplines, and work out what God is doing in our heart with others who are doing the same.

That is what I want to be out and about this coming year, or whatever days I have in it. I want to be aflame with God’s love and with nothing else. I want to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I hope to get to a retreat center (there are at least two of them south of where we live) soon. And participate in something of the spiritual disciplines daily. To learn how to do that better. Silence, and voicing the Lord’s/Our Father prayer along with the Jesus Creed, are helpful to me. I continue to love to listen to the Bible Experience.

Going to the nursing home every Sunday has been a highlight of the past year. I am glad to now have a helper who takes one Sunday a month. It is a needy ministry. I’d like to get one more like helper on board who will do one other service a month. And perhaps get others involved in various ways.

And I continue to love to read and put down reflections in “writing” as on this blog. A few years back it seemed to come to me as from God, “Read.” And I want to recommit myself to that, because any good thing, reading being one of my very favorite things, can become lost in the shuffle of life. Tired and worn out and often down and out as I feel. Wondering if what I do matters at all. The voice of the enemy.

What brings you life in Jesus? And what is that life moving you to do? Take the small steps of faith. We’re to do according to the measure of faith God gives us. In love for him and our neighbor, in service to others, as we endeavor to sit at Jesus’ feet. And go on in him together for each other and for the world.