nose to the grindstone

Sometimes there’s one thing and only one thing that we need to remember, or hear. Because of God’s faithfulness in Jesus, we’re called to be faithful. And when it seems like much is at a standstill, and some matters are not coming along well at all, our calling in Jesus is to be faithful.

Jeremiah for me is one of the epitomes of this, from the Old Testament. He didn’t always feel like doing what he was called to do, and at certain points he severely questioned God, even lamenting his existence. And yet over the course of a long life I take it, for those days at least, he faithfully proclaims the word of the Lord to an apostate people who had abandoned their God.

I have often heard the importance of finishing life well. Hopefully I’m not near the end, though when one gets to be my age, we start thinking about our latter years. And we realize more than ever that our days are indeed numbered. I do hope to end well in God’s eyes through Jesus.

Nose to the grindstone may not be an apt metaphor in some ways. We’re not to make our work our life, and we indeed need rest. And we’re not to be like unreasoning animals that need coerced, but in the love and fellowship of God we’re to go on. We’re to live an interactive existence with God, in fellowship with him, learning to discern and make good decisions ourselves and with others through the Spirit. Seeking his face, looking to Jesus.

But there are times when I can feel so down that I need to simply be told one thing to keep me going: “Keep on keeping on.” Of course that’s understood in terms of going on with the Lord in his will within the fellowship of his people in his mission to the world. But sometimes, surely more often than I wish, it simply means putting one foot forward and then the other foot forward and going on.

So when so much seems lost, or I’m at a loss, and perhaps feel overwhelmed all too often, I need to keep moving. Be present and keep looking to the one in whom we live and move and have our being. The one who in Jesus calls us to his own life, and to live out that life in this world.

So no matter what, keep on keeping on in Jesus. Yes, nose to the grindstone. Together with others in Jesus for the world.