continue on

Sometimes I need to hear these words, or something to the effect, “Continue on.” I think of the experience with the roundabout we had this past summer in Marshall, Michigan. I really like the idea of roundabouts, keeping the traffic flow going. Cutting back on fuel wasted from cars sitting at red lights, as well as decreasing greenhouse emissions. With less fatal accidents.

Actually there is a time to stop, stop dead in our tracks. Do nothing. In a get away kind of mode, getting away from the normal routine, and just being still, quiet, slowing down to a stop. I long for something like that right now, which means I could use a nice getaway like that. Perhaps I am not good at working something like that into my regular routine.

But “continue on” seems to be the words I need to hear just now. When I need to get done what I feel incapable of doing. When I am easily discouraged or distracted over life’s troubles, or the problems of earth.

When I do continue 0n, I often find just what I needed up ahead. Like Christian in The Pilgrim’s Progress. And I always find God faithful in and through Jesus.

I hope to do this continuing on more and more with others in Jesus in the community, the church. As we together follow Jesus in God’s love for the world.

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