casting our cares on God

Life is full of cares and concerns which at times burden, and can even threaten to overwhelm us. We’re told in scripture to cast our cares on the Lord, that he will sustain us, that he will never let the righteous be moved. And we’re to do so, scripture says, because he cares for us.

Some people carry heavy burdens and seem to take it all to heart more than others. But the fact is, we all have troubles and trials. It’s what we do with that which matters. Work and preoccupation can help. But are we really doing what God in his word calls us to do?

To cast our cares on God would seem to take effort on our part. It is an act of faith. It is deliberate. It is something we do out of our intellect and will, of course the basis being God’s promises. And yet it is not our intellect and will which rescues us. It is God who does that. We put ourselves in the position through this act of faith so that God can deliver us.*

Our troubles are often of such a nature that we may have to keep coming to God again and again, casting the same concerns on him. Over time it is often the case that what was once a concern to us is no longer, for one reason or another. I know Paul reached a resolution concerning his thorn in the flesh, no less than a messenger of Satan to torment him. While Paul learned to delight in his weakness, because in it was the Lord’s strength, I would have to think it was still what it was. Not something that was comfortable in itself. Something that Paul over and over again had to turn over to God. Or live in that mode of faith that it is God’s to deal with. “In acceptance lies peace” (Amy Carmichael).

I long to live more and more care free as one of God’s children. But it is impossible not to have cares and concerns in this world, even if we were completely free from personal concerns. We need to cast those cares on God as well, believing that his hand can be in that matter for our loved one, or for those hurting. Part of our life of faith in and through Jesus, together as a witness and help, in and for the world.

*Our Pastor Jack shared the idea of putting ourselves in a position for God to do his work through the exercise of our intellect and will in regard to another matter, yesterday.