throwing caution to the wind

In following Jesus we do so by faith. Faith takes into account reality, but it is more than what meets the eye. It is more than what the senses take in. It is even more than what is actually experienced. In other words it seems, at least in the eyes of the world, to be a counter, or even pseudo reality.

But followers of Jesus live in the reality of the kingdom of God come in him. It is a reality that takes into account everything else. Giving honor even, and credit where credit is due. Evaluating everything in light of God’s kingdom come and now present among God’s community in Jesus.

This is a reality which in a true and ultimately final sense trumps all other reality. And through which, in and through God’s grace and work in Jesus, specifically his death and resurrection, ascension and exaltation, and future reappearing, will be given proper due, and in fact will be what the new world on earth is all about, when in Jesus heaven and earth become one.

I have lived much of my life with a sense of some dread and fear. By God’s grace I have continued to go on in faith in Jesus, in spite of my fear. In some measure perhaps that will remain true the rest of my life. Just the same, as I get older and hopefully continue to mature in my faith, I more and more want to live as one who with others in Jesus, properly throws caution to the wind.

What does that mean? Something of a reckless abandonment in following Jesus. Being willing to do what left on my own, I’d never do. With the help of my wife, and with the help of good pastors and our church, I already am blessed to participate in such works. Even through the Lord’s own faithful work in me, I can say that’s true.

Of course throwing caution to the wind here, does not mean living simply as one pleases. Unless we do that while loving God (Augustine). It’s not about doing one’s own thing. But it’s about following Jesus. With the good works God gives us to do. Living in faith in an existence in which faith is necessary.

Faith in God means trust in and dependence on God through Jesus. It is living in an existence of experiencing the Spirit’s moving in one’s life, even if that is recognized mostly after the fact.

I have to continue on that quest, because left to myself I’d be bent over double, not doing a thing, cringing in fear. That has been to some degree all too true in my life.

But this is not about facing our fears and then going for it. But about turning our face, and continuing to do so, to the one who stilled the storm on the sea, who healed the ear while correcting Peter, who rose from the dead. And pours out this same life through the Spirit who is given to all who believe.

Throwing caution to the wind may be a bit bold for the likes of me. It is more a matter of continuing to learn to follow, hopefully closer and closer, Jesus, following along with others in him, in God’s mission through Jesus in and for the world.