sadness and grieving

Some people seem especially prone to sadness and grieving. Given the world as it is with all its tragedy and trouble, this is no wonder. And some of us have a psyche that for many reasons I’m sure, is easily pushed over the edge, or lives near that edge.

I am more than uneasy with an emphasis on joy being how one is happy all the time. Yes, there is joy in Jesus, and much of it. A joy known deep within, even in the midst of the deepest sorrow, pain and grieving.

I have identified with Jeremiah the past several years, if not well before that. It is always a painful book to go through, and yet there is always some kind of healing I imagine, in going through it- for me. He is called the weeping prophet (the book of Lamentations is in the tradition of his writings, I would suppose, whether or not he wrote it).

Not sure what to make of the idea that to be “spiritual” one has to be happy, happy all the time. If that is what spiritual is in your experience, I don’t know what’s wrong with that. Nothing. God made people differently.

I am best off to accept my melancholy, and go on. When I do that, I can end up full of joy and laughter, cutting up with the best of them. I am better off not to care, and in fact simply embrace whatever experience I am going through.

But it’s not a matter of embracing an experience, or experience for experience’s sake. But rather refusing to depart from those deep places, intent on walking through them, even through the darkness, even the dark night of the soul. Intent in finding Jesus’ hand, and in finding others through Jesus there.

Jesus himself is prophesied as a man of sorrows and acquainted with suffering/grief. Above all in this, may we in Jesus learn to participate in his sufferings. That others may come to know him and his salvation. That the world somehow even through our groaning through Jesus by the Spirit, might find its one and only hope.