how we know

Paul said that if anyone thinks they know anything, then they don’t know as they ought. But whoever loves God is known by God. Paul certainly did not eschew knowledge. He was a man of books and knowledge, and acknowledged that he had knowledge, when under attack. Paul does tell us elsewhere that we know in part. And there is a gift of knowledge within the body of Christ, the church.

It is how we know that matters. Because life is not just about learning knowledge, or trying to understand reality, but living well in that reality, or with what we have learned. It is about relating. And since persons are a big part of reality, it is about relationships.

Jesus said that the first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. And the second like it is to love our neighbors as ourselves. That all the law and the prophets hang on those commands.

So it would seem clear enough that we should be humble about what we believe, knowing it is all dependent on God. And not understood completely by us. And yet we are to hold to the truth as it is revealed in Jesus. But that truth at its heart is relational, rooted and oriented in love. The love of God in Jesus. And out from that to the world, by the cross.

Knowledge is important, but how we know is more important yet, and love must inform and shape everything. We are not know-it-alls. And yet we in Jesus are known by God through Christ. That is our chief orientation from which we begin to try to understand and continue to learn. Together in Jesus and for the world.