for the long haul

We don’t know what a day may bring forth. We can’t count on tomorrow, really. Our lives are like a vapor, James tells us, which comes and goes. That being said, how should we in Jesus live?

While there should be a sense of urgency in our step, our commitment to God through Jesus must be for the long haul. Our lives are lived over the long haul.

Why is that? God knows all the details concerning our lives. Even in some way the length of them (Psalm 139). God is- painfully for us- patient. His work seems slow to us. But if we’re to be in sync with that work we must proceed accordingly. If we’re in a hurry, we won’t be in step. And there’s always the danger of falling off altogether, or in scriptural terms, falling away (the book of Hebrews).

And so we need to look at this life in terms of a long race, or an ongoing walk with God in fellowship with God’s people through Jesus. And in mission from God through Jesus together for the world. We are in this with each other in Jesus.

Such a commitment requires breadth and depth. The kind we can receive only through painstaking plodding along in faithfulness meeting the issues of our lives as they come.  Seeking to become true followers of Jesus. To be those who like Enoch walked faithfully with God. In all of life. In whatever life may (or may not) bring forth. Come what may.