in its time

He has made everything beautiful in its time.

Ecclessiastes 3:11

Often we want to see something done, and done now. Maybe something that needs to be done. In fact is part of what Jesus has commanded us to do. In other words something we are to play a part in.

And yet it isn’t done. We may have to ask ourselves if we’re holding out somewhere. Sometimes obedience seems rather naked. In fact in some ways it always seems that way for me. I’m not just picked up and moved to obeyed. I have to do it, yes in and because of God’s grace in Jesus, but just the same, I have to obey. And often in such obedience there is a kind of nakedness, in that we may have to humble ourselves. Certainly we’ll be walking in a faith in which we put our trust in God.

But there can be a time or matter in which our part is to pray. Perhaps to examine ourselves, or more precisely to ask God to examine us. We need to seek to obey with a spirit intent on God’s will. Not just obeying for obedience’s sake. But with the intent of obedience which is to be love. Love for God, and for our neighbor. Perhaps in a certain case, for one who seems like an enemy.

When God has something for us to do, he won’t let go. It will be plain enough to us. But sometimes it’s as if we can see or imagine everything together as it should be. And yet we see it apart. That is when we seek God in prayer about it, and hold on to the promise through Jesus that God will indeed make everything beautiful in its time. That he is at work to do that. Even through us in Jesus if only through our groanings by the Spirit. Along with obedience to his revealed will to us. A part of the hope we have in and through Jesus.