We’re told in scripture that we’re to be seekers of God. That we’re saved in hope (Romans 8:18-30). That we’re to be pressing toward the mark of God’s high calling in Christ Jesus.

Anticipation. It does add a lot to life. Of course the bride and the groom anticipating that wonderful day when they become one, joined together in holy matrimony. Hope is huge in scripture. Faith, hope and love are joined together and remain.

One of my favorite servants of God, Pastor Bill Hesse used to say with that wonderful smile of his emanating from his heaven sent glowing spirit, “Remember, for the child of God, the best is always yet to come.” How wonderful! And how true when we consider the testimony of scripture. Not only in this life, but in the next as well- in the new creation in Jesus.

Anticipation involves living in love. Looking forward to all that a life of faith in love has. Even through the rigors and disappointments, even dark valleys of this life. Not that we look forward to those dark places. But even there we can find God and God’s hand and heart in unique and new ways.

Anticipation does not mean we’re not thankful for blessings past, as well as present. Hope goes together with life in grace and in the Spirit here and now, so that even our trials working endurance into our lives end up with God pouring out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit who he has given to us (Romans 5).

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

Proverbs 13:12

God will purify our hopes in our anticipation of seeing Jesus when he appears (1 John 3). So some of our old hopes will thankfully die and fall by the wayside. But the hope fixed on that which will last forever and only grow in the love of God is something we begin to anticipate and even experience in this life in and through Jesus. A hope that through God and his promises is indeed an anchor to the soul.

A hope in which we wonderfully live together. Not just for ourselves, but for the world. That others might see and ask us the reason for the hope we have. An opportunity to point us to the one who is our hope, Jesus. Together in Jesus for the world.