standing firm

In scripture we see that our stance in spiritual warfare is to be strengthened in the Lord, to put on the whole armor of God, to face the enemy, but in a resisting kind of mode. God takes the offensive to the enemy, we do not except in unusual cases when we are exerting Christ’s authority over the demonic.

We likely don’t like the idea of not being on the offensive and taking care of business ourselves. But that is the stance we’re to take. A stance which promises us victory in the ongoing skirmishes in this life. We’re told to resist the devil, with the promise that he will flee from us.

Yesterday was one of those “evil days” (if that’s how to interpret “evil day” in the classic Ephesians 6 spiritual warfare passage). I had a time of writing an encouraging post on anticipation as I was thinking of what I was looking forward to for that day, and on the edges of my mind what would be the fulfillment of that in the bye and bye. Actually a simple book signing by probably the one today considered the foremost Christian theological writer and speaker. And I was drawn into worship of God in Jesus. Only to be hit by an ugly attack from the evil ones. So that I was back on my heels. But while all sense of goodness was gone, this was an opportunity to practice the spiritual warfare that is part of this life in Jesus.

Through this we are kept humble, and ever dependent on God. And we learn more and more, hopefully, what we have in and through Christ. It was good for me to be able to repeat the Ephesians 6 passage even if I really couldn’t do much more than that at work. To try to do what God has called me to do in and through Jesus.

Life goes on. No deliverance from such spiritual warfare in this life here and there. But with the promise that the Lord will deliver us from every evil attack, and bring us safely into his heavenly kingdom to come. Part of our calling in following Jesus together for the world.