pressing on

There is much in my life that would stop me in my tracks, distracting me from the goal which we in Jesus are to pursue. Much. Or at least a matter or two that is significant to me. If we could have a conversation over coffee on that, perhaps there is plenty we could each share, enough to fill a morning, and then some.

And in my case it is some of the same old same olds. Some things we do get over, God miraculously answers and all of that is water under the bridge, long gone with maybe only a scar or two left from it. But other matters linger on. We get some sort of victory over them, but they come and go, some staring us in the face, coming to our attention at any moment’s notice.

I’m glad to have a wife who challenges me to stand on the truth revealed in scripture and through Jesus. And a church which stands for truth applied to life in following Jesus.

There is nothing more for me to do than to simply press on. Following the example of Paul. Who had left the old way behind for the new way in Jesus. What had been good, in fact the very best in this world, the very best for its time. But that way had become old because of the new way that had come in Jesus in fulfilling what that old way had laid the groundwork for.

Pressing on. Something I need to do today and every day, really. In following  Jesus with others in Jesus for the world.