vain thoughts

How often in my life have I thought, “If only…?” If only I would have done this or that, or if only I would not have done this or that then just think of how much better life would be. Over and over again I can rehearse the same thing, keep going over it. So that it is an imbedded in my brain, and when forgotten easily remembered again.

We’re told in scripture that our thoughts are important, that we’re to think certain kinds of thoughts, and that in this context I believe, that faith can help us live in peace, not bowed down by troubled thoughts.

I would like to get a new brain track going, a new habit of life. One that is constructive rather than destructive. One that seeks God and God’s will in any given situation. That refuses to live in a kind of despair in regret over anything I can’t change.

The Spirit is present to help us, in part to counsel us, to be our advocate. So I must look to the Spirit when the track comes up for me to once again tread to  know how I might respond to start an altogether different track. One that is in line with God’s will in the truth that is in Jesus.

We need not only to abandon unhelpful, even destructive thoughts. But we need new ones in their place. I want God to direct my thoughts. I don’t want to do it on my own, nor can I.

That means I must be in prayer over a matter. Share it with a trusted person such as a pastor or wise friend.  Keep praying over it. Be in the word of course. And give it time. New ways of thinking replacing old are not snap changes. This takes time. But it also takes perseverance on our part. In all of this a dependency on God which is complete. But in accordance with his revealed will.

Something I’m working on. Wanting to see what is empty become something filled with God’s will in and through Jesus.

Father, Please give me new thoughts to replace these old ones which have plagued me for so long. Let me live according to your will in this matter in and through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.