knowing God

There is much that comes from God’s salvation. We are essentially restored in our humanity, in other words we become more human, fulfilling what humanity is meant to be. And there’s all kinds of good that comes to the earth. Justice and peace in the sense of wholeness and prosperity (not just absence of war). Deliverance from the power of sin, the bondage of the world system, the tyranny of the devil. Creation care ultimately in a restored earth in the new creation.

Essentially God’s salvation is about loving him and our neighbor as ourselves. It is relational at its heart and core. Everything else is important as well in that salvation, but at the center of its heart is the love of God.

It is good for me to seek the Lord in regard to troubles and trials, in fact that’s essential and ongoing in this life (see last post). But if I stop there, content with getting toward the answers to problems, then I’m missing the boat. We need to concern ourselves with sitting at the Lord’s feet doing the one thing needed. Coming to really know the Lord. Seeking his face. Desiring a face to face and even an intimate heart to heart relationship with God.

This will take a commitment to that end. And an openness to what this love will mean. We are told to know God is to care about the poor and needy. To come to know God is to take to heart what God’s longings are. In this world it means sharing in God’s sufferings in and through Jesus.

To know God better in and through Jesus. To know his love. To live and grow in that love in this life. I hope that grows in my heart as part of the priority of my life. Together with others in Jesus for the world.