the skeptic in me

I used to be, and maybe to some extent still am a skeptic by nature. Just because something is supposed to be true, and nearly everyone I know accepts it, doesn’t make it so to me. I want to ask questions. I want to know why others dissent. I want to be open.

This has got me into heaps of trouble in the past, when I’ve openly expressed views at loggerheads with established views. Be they political, or perhaps even faith related. I realize now that oftentimes it is not worth the grief, it’s not necessarily my calling, and the more I know, the more I realize there is to know.

I still am a bit skeptical by nature I suppose. I want to examine something for myself, part of that investigation finding out what others say, especially those really knowledgeable, weighing everything, and coming to some sort of position. Often a lean one way or another, with varying degrees of certainty.

I think the skeptic in me has given way to a significant extent to the realization by faith that God knows. God knowing does not mean God wants us to dispense the responsibility we have of making judgments in regard to truth claims. It does mean that we can be confident that God can guide us now, in spite of our inevitable mistakes, and that in the end, God is sovereign so that everything will be taken care of for good, in and through Jesus.

Therefore, I won’t lose sleep over who wins the next presidential election of the United States (where I live and am a citizen of), figuratively speaking, though I may be up later that election night to see how it’s going. I won’t worry about those who sharply disagree with me on matters of politics or faith. I want to listen, be respectful, even when I completely disagree. Knowing that sometimes I’ll learn something new, which at least will help me better understand the position that is held.

The bottom line for me always ends up being Jesus. Simply Jesus. God’s grace and kingdom come in him. That is the bedrock and foundation on which I stand. Informed on that by scripture. Living that out in the context of community, through the Trinity, and Christ’s body. Knowing that all that is good, right and true is somehow related to and fulfilled in Jesus.

And so we follow. To whom else shall we go? Jesus indeed has the words of eternal life. A life as big as every issue under the sun and then some, as big as all of creation. Yes, even in the darkness we in Jesus go on, following him together and for the world.