the sense of calling

Sometime back someone asked me why I blog. But I’ll add to that, why I go to work day after day, why I attend church gathering on Sunday, why I go to the nursing home on Sunday afternoons, why I try to be a faithful husband, father, and grandfather, why I seek to follow Jesus in all of life with others in Jesus.

I hope it is because of the sense of a calling from God. Our Pastor Jack was mentioning the importance of calling at the beginning of his message yesterday. The sense of being called and having a calling from God should drive our entire existence. Of course part of that calling is to rest, and even do some things out of sheer fun and enjoyment. But much of what we do we have to do, there is a sense of responsibility, indeed a sense of being called by God to do so.

To provide for my family, to be present for them and for friends, to be a witness to the world of the good news of King Jesus, this should all be a part of fulfilling our calling from God.

A calling is in the older understanding a vocation, or what one does to make a living, or provide for one’s family. Extended to that understanding is the idea of using one’s gifts from God in a responsible manner as a steward, out of love for God and for one’s neighbor.

Calling in scripture also extends to one’s salvation in and through Jesus. It is a call into blessing both to one’s self, and in scripture usually to one’s entire family, and to the blessing of others. We are blessed to be a blessing as part of the called in Jesus.

This is what keeps me going and doing what I do. Whether it’s blogging, or whatever else. I can think of blogging right now, because that is precisely what I’m doing. I’ll be doing a good number of things today all either a part of, or related to my calling.

Without that sense of coherence in a calling which brings all of life in the world under the lordship of King Jesus, meaning can be up for grabs. There will be a sense that all is meaningless under the sun, since it all comes and goes without any underlying purpose. Although the sense of calling seems built in us humans as part of our being made in the image of God. Indeed part and parcel of that calling in the beginning was to be rulers and priests of God to and for the world of creation. In Jesus that call awaits fulfillment when the children of God are revealed in a resurrection in which all of creation will share in the new creation through Jesus. But what we do now can anticipate and somehow be taken up into that change which is to come. Even as we seek to point human beings back to God’s story and how this story will at long at last be fulfilled in and through Jesus.

And so I go on, seeking to fulfill my calling from God for today. And wanting to grow in my understanding of that calling, together with others in Jesus for the world.


2 comments on “the sense of calling

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