Tone is important when we converse, or say something, even write something. It is not just what we say, but how we say it. Are we listening well? Are we putting a good construction on the other person’s words. If we think they have a serious problem or issue which needs addressed, are we asking questions? Instead of assuming, and seeking to give correction based on that assumption.

What was the tone of Jesus? Did he simply diss and dismiss others? No. Even to those whose agenda was self-serving, he reached out in love and truth. We in Jesus are to do the same with others, and not the least–with each other.

Aren’t we Christians in the United States are often tone deaf? We may not realize the tone we’re giving. And we don’t hear the tone of others. That is part of how we must follow Jesus, in sharing him in his love and truth to the world.

The tone of Jesus must mark us. In our thoughts, acts and words. We must live as those who know his voice, that tone, and seek not only to follow, but to let that tone change us. That others might pick up the same from us. In and through Jesus for the world.