We are told in scripture that the just shall live by faith. Actually the quote is from Habakkuk and is best translated, “The just will live by their faithfulness.” But faithfulness is closely related to faith. We cannot be faithful apart from faith. Nor can we maintain faith apart from being faithful.

Plain, ordinary, what some might call boring faithfulness day after day, in the big and yes, in the small things as well, in some ways especially in the small matters because such makes up most of our lives, and add up to make the whole of the picture of life–this is where it’s at.

Part of being faithful, and remaining so involves growing in faithfulness. We need to become aware of any place in which we really aren’t faithful. While maintaining the areas in which we are, we then need to shore up the area which God reveals to us in which we fall short of true faithfulness, meaning we’re really not faithful.

This is such an important part of our walk in Jesus. There will be times when it seems our faithfulness is broken down. When perhaps we are overcome by a matter. This can and should be good for us, because we are then aware of where we fall short. We are simply to confess our sin to God, who is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. God then sets us back on the path of life, of faithfulness in and through Jesus.

We do this in our individual private lives, and we also do it together in community. Both are essential and part of God’s call to us in and through Jesus. For the world.