commitment to faith

If there’s one thing that is true in and about this world, you can be sure that there will be something wrong. Or something serious looming on the horizon, or which might happen. As Job said, “Man is full of troubles.”

If you know me you’ll know that especially during certain times there are struggles within me. Especially with reference to fear of some sort or another. Of course in the daily course of life, I certainly don’t live by fear. Most of the time it is not present at all in my mind in everyday activities, or in things I need to do at work, unless my mind is drifting, or wandering. And then I’ll add the Lord’s Prayer/our Father to that, along with the Jesus Creed, and maybe some other passage like the spiritual warfare one in Ephesians 6. And when I do fear I’ll be breathing prayer to God.

There are certain things we’d love to change, but we can’t. There are dangers or possibilities we’d rather not have to face, or consider. Sometimes I think one is better off simply putting some things out of mind. Perhaps dealing with it on some level, and then letting it go.

For me I need a bare, naked commitment to sheer, utter faith in God, and in God’s promises in and through Jesus. This is not to fulfill my agenda, or what I hope to get out of life, or how I hope to live life, or even how I would like to serve God. It is simple, child-like (I wish, and hope) faith in our loving heavenly Father.

For me I have to hold to this faith in the midst of fear and uncertainty. In the midst of the storm tossed sea and pounding waves, even breakers rising over me. And that not only in regard to fears. Whatever is happening in our lives in the form of testing, trials, temptations.

The biggest battle for me in some ways is the battle of and in the mind. The gift of intellect is a two-edged sword. We are blessed by it, but indeed can be cursed by it as well. We hold on to dear life to what has served us well in the past, failing to let go when we may need to, to learn or enter into a new and deeper way from God, through Jesus by the Spirit.

So sometimes, and at this point in some ways I simply am grabbing hold of the bar of faith as best I can. Yes, in all my weakness, knowing that if I do lose grip, underneath are the everlasting arms. I want to do so, to go on in faith, to learn faith, to grow in what little faith I have in regard to a given matter. To trust that God is God in everything, and that he will be so to the very end. Yes, even in and through me, through us together in Jesus for the world.