living with weakness

I am part of a family, indeed part of a race, the human race, which is beset by weakness. I know in Jesus chains can be broken, hearts set free, lives transformed. But I also know that in this life we won’t arrive. That we’re ever to be pressing on toward the goal of God’s upward calling to us in Jesus.

The difference as we go on and grow up in this life in Jesus, I suppose, is not so much that we shed our weaknesses. But that we live in a new dependence on God through Jesus, even in and through our weaknesses.

What if we lost all our weaknesses? Even Jesus himself shared in our weaknesses in order that he might be a faithful and merciful high priest before God for us. And we are to experience something of the same for others.

It won’t help others if we give into our weaknesses. Except for them to see that in spite of that, we know forgiveness through confession, and go on in the Lord’s grace and truth, experiencing something more from him than we did before.

But it is good when people know that in spite of our weaknesses, we go on, and we overcome. By faith and through the Spirit. In the grace of God in Jesus.

And so some weaknesses, indeed even propensities to sin I am rather convinced we’ll likely carry to our graves (unless we are alive when Jesus reappears). But whatever the weakness, we can learn something more of the Lord’s all sufficient grace and power in our lives. That others might see and be encouraged in Jesus for their own lives.

And we do this to the end, individually and together in Jesus for the world.

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