going on

When one hardly knows what they are doing, where they are going, in Jesus they go on. As is true in many of my posts, there is a strong element here of the autobiographical; I am referring to myself.

By faith we go on. Sometimes we have to leave the familiar, the tried, tested and true behind. That is part of the walk by faith. Somehow in some way God is calling us to something more. To something perhaps deeper, stronger and more true.

Faith means confidence in God. Yes, confidence in God’s word, scripture. But a confidence that presses beyond the words to the person. Of course scripture is from a person, God, and therefore is personal. On both an individual as well as communal level. And yet somehow we can take scripture in a very impersonal way. Somehow we can lose the true intent of it. Perhaps even making scripture to be something not from God, but simply to serve us. Something of an entity in and of itself. Even if we well believe that it is God’s word, we may fail to make the needed personal connection, which comes by faith.

And yet scripture is powerful. It is dangerous (in a good sense) to remain in it, because it really is from God, God-breathed, words “from his mouth” which will not return to him empty, but will accomplish his purposes. Still we must come to apprehend by faith if nothing else, and acknowledge that God’s word is personal. It’s from him. And we receive it from him, even if we hardly understand, or realize just how weak and shallow our understanding might be. His word and what understanding we have is all a gift from him.

And so we go on. By faith even when not knowing. Even when perplexed and at a loss. Trusting that through it all, and in the end God is present with us in and through Jesus for the world.