hoping beyond hope

We genuinely give thanks for all the good gifts God gives, for the wonderful people we’ve known in our lives, regardless whether or not we’re certain that they had a living faith in God through Jesus, or any faith at all.

I like in many ways to be an agnostic. Because although by faith I know certain things from God’s word, I also know that I know them imperfectly, probably unevenly. And that our knowledge in this life is only in part. In the mean time we accept what God has revealed to us from scripture, in and through Jesus.

I want to be content to simply know that God knows; God understands. And God is love. Yes he is holy. But in essence God is a god of love and grace, along with truth.

I give thanks to God for the blessing of life. For all the good in the world, even from a world that is not reconciled to God. That would go its own way with little or no sense of any need from him. We therefore long for reconciliation to arrive, for God’s good promises to be fulfilled. Perhaps in ways we can’t imagine now, in ways quite beyond anything we can comprehend.

Our hope is in the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. The one who as Father, Son and Holy Spirit makes himself known to us. And even through us to the world. In and through Jesus.