low times

There are times in one’s life when for one reason or another, probably a combination of factors involved, but often over a crisis point, one is going through a low, difficult time. It is during such times that we need to learn to anticipate God’s hand at work for good.

All too often we can think that all is lost, or something essential. We do need to remember the craftiness of the enemy. We must not let the enemy push us back, while at the same time we must be open to what the Lord wants to teach us, where he wants to bring us.

I must go to scripture since it is God’s word. And I must go to God who alone is our Rock. And our faith must be grounded in the grace of God that is in Jesus, and in the gospel of King Jesus.

All too often we struggle with the crux of the matter being we don’t have enough faith. Struggle itself is good if it is an act of faith. While it is also true and good to keep in mind that God’s grace is constant, that underneath indeed are the everlasting arms. But God’s word still directs us to have faith, to even struggle to hold on to faith, to continue it.

For me it has been a difficult time over the past several weeks, but I trust God is at work in it to give me a faith that is more grounded in him. My struggle has not been over the faith itself, the faith that is in Jesus, and in the gospel of King Jesus. For that I’m thankful.

But it is a low time for me, a difficult time. Which also means ultimately it is a time of change. And through God that means a change for the better.

Of course part and parcel to our lives in God through Jesus is change. It should be change more and more oriented in God’s love, grace and truth in and through Jesus. It should be change that is revealing more and more to us the heart of God, and helping us live nearer to that heart, that our own hearts might be more and more drawn to, and bound in God’s heart. And that we may share that heart with others through our lives and through good deeds. May that be true in and through Jesus for the world.