Faith is a matter of waiting. Waiting on God. Oftentimes I can awaken, or go to sleep for that matter, with a troubling thought which won’t let me go. I’m not sure what that always means. It could mean I need to practice drawing nearer to God more often, or more regularly, or perhaps that I’m not doing well on that score at all or at the moment. But it may well just mean that I’m in normal spiritual warfare, which means I need to take all the armor of God given to me in Christ, and resist, standing firm against the attacks of the enemy. Or it may be a combination of both, and surely for me, would be.

Waiting in this sense is not unlike learning to walk in a different context, like on some kind of wild or different ride, or terrain. Or learning some kind of new technique. But it is a matter of the spirit, and of faith in God through Jesus. It is a dependence on the Holy Spirit for what to do when on the move. A walk in the Spirit.

This all takes discipline, even intense in the sense of a different orientation altogether, which we are disinclined toward, “naturally” speaking. It means no less than death to self and yet out of it comes life more abundantly in and through Jesus and his death and resurrection. A life which begins here and now through baptism and by grace through faith, and enfolds us, in the new life in Christ.

But it’s back to waiting. Back to a reorientation of how we’re to live by the Spirit through Jesus together for the world.