beyond lies

Sometimes, perhaps even oftentimes at certain junctures in our lives, we have to press on beyond lies.

Often what stops us dead in our tracks, or gets us going on some detour, call it a “bunny trail,” is nothing more than a flat out and out lie. This is when we need discernment enough to know that something is wrong. In fact there may be much truth somewhere within our diversion. But it is not vetted in the Truth, Jesus. It is somehow off on its own, a tangent. Out of place it becomes a lie. And most often it has something of an untruth added on. Of course anything true but out of place becomes an error simply by being out of place. For example the Israelites of old had a certain reverence for the Temple of the Lord. But when it became almost a fetish or simply an entity in and of itself to keep them safe apart from its true meaning and purpose, their conception of what was good and true had become a lie.

Yes, we need to learn in and through Jesus to live beyond lies. Lies get a hold of us and won’t let us go. They are binding by nature, and bring fear. But the truth in and through Jesus sets us free into a realm of life and peace.

The problem can be when we’ve never really learned well how to live beyond lies. Yes, we may know the Truth, and yet we are dragged back time and time again into something other than truth, something other than the truth as it is in Jesus. That is where I’ve lived in so many ways for too many years, even as a Christian. Now it has come to a head for me, and as a follower of Jesus, I want to learn to live well beyond such lies when they come.

I certainly will need the Spirit and God’s word, scripture, to help me through this. Sometimes the best way of approaching it is to refuse to be taken in, but to simply go on. We can’t get rid of the attack of whatever lie it is that is coming on us. It’s what we do with it that matters.

Truth is intensely personal, found in a person, Jesus. It is certainly didactic as well; we have plenty to learn. But the teaching is personal and relational, and committed to God’s purpose and will in Jesus. So that we come to see that many matters are beside the point. They either don’t matter, or are secondary issues which often allow for some variance, and are always subject to change in a way that the matters of first importance are not. Though we are to hopefully grow in our understanding of all things, which means we may well leave some matters completely behind, no longer concerned about working them out, or holding on to them as we did in the past.

The truth is in Jesus. And so we go on together in Jesus, committed to God through him, leaving lies behind in pursuit of what is true and truth from God, for the world.


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