holding steady

It is not always easy to determine the course one is to take in a given matter, but once one gets an inkling after  praying to God, it is important to hold as steady as possible in getting into the new way of approaching and living it out.

Holding steady is like Moses’ hands lifted up in authority and God beating back the Amalekites through Israel’s  army. It is like Daniel when he continued to pray three times a day facing Jerusalem in spite of the king’s decree which spelled the doom of the lions’ den to anyone who would defy it. It is like Joseph going on year after year in faithfulness to God in spite of suffering unjust treatment.

What holds us fast is God’s grace, and that encourages us in our faith to hold on and continue steady. All of God’s promises we can plead to God to somehow fulfill in our lives in and through Jesus. We read that no matter how many promises there are in scripture, they are yes and amen in and through Jesus.

All too often I am pushed from a steady course through something troubling my mind. It can indeed be a battle for the mind. The deceiver puts something into our heads which not only seems innocent in and of itself, but even good, yes important. But it is nothing more than a sidetrack from the course God wants us to take.

In order to hold steady I will need to continue to pray, to be in the word, to live in the communion of the saints, and to seek to be faithful to God’s call to me in Jesus in and for this world. As I do that, hopefully it will be like a good groove is made so that when the inevitable trials come, like Daniel of old I will hold fast to the course God has given me. Not deviating either to the right or to the left. But staying true to God’s will revealed in Jesus. Together with others in Jesus for the world.