A few years back an impression came to me with a sense that it was from the Lord. Perhaps an impression given to me to be received as a word from God, I’m not sure, but I took it as that, and still do. The basic impression and message from it was this: “Read.” And the idea was that I should make reading a priority.

So I started to do better. Given my schedule of factory work that is wearying to the body, that can be a task. More often than not I would get comfortable with a book in hand, and then doze off.

Confession time now. And all too often I would do this and that on the internet. Good things. Reading a great blog, and then going down tens and tens of comments. Listening to a good audio. And Facebook–need more be said?

And so I’m back to less of the others, and more of reading. An adjustment I’m trying to make.

Of course this is only concerning the thing I do in relation to the calling I have. The general calling I’m responsible to fulfill: seeking to follow Jesus daily in all of life, witnessing by life and word to the world, having a concern for the poor which acts, being committed to a community of believers which meets regularly, and of course loving my wife and family–not to mention living out the Jesus Creed: seeking to love God with all my being and doing, and to love my neighbor as myself–these are all important. It’s not a matter of me becoming a hermit and simply reading. It is simply that reading needs to be a priority with me.

My wife got me an e-book reader, actually a Kindle. I have one book on it. I look forward to reading from that, and continuing on in reading. So many good books, and good authors. I live in a city with excellent libraries. I need to take advantage.

What special sense of calling do you have?