our limitations

Jesus could only be at one place at a time when he was on earth. By the Spirit now he can be many places at the same time, something beyond our capacity to understand, vis-a-vis the life of the Trinity. But when Jesus became human, before his glorification he shared in all our limitations apart from our sin (including temptation to sin).

I take some comfort in that, since I too am limited, and that all the more. I would like to be able to do much more. Burn the candle at both ends, so to speak. Sometimes in our normal calling with its responsibilities, we indeed can be stretched to our limits and beyond.

I deeply regret and sorrow over my limitations. And yet I must learn to live with them. While at the same time I can look to God through Jesus by the Spirit to do God’s good work. Even through my weakness. And through prayer.

What I don’t want is my limitations to get to me. And it can. It is hard to discern sometimes where to draw the line. I think grace makes it clear that at times we need to give ourselves a break. I tend to be harsh with myself when I think I’m failing. And that can result in harshness toward others if I don’t watch out.

I think part of my problem can be a kind of perfectionist mindset (only in some things) which is not only unrealistic, but fails to accept the limitations of my humanity. And unwittingly can be limiting God, and what God can do in spite of me, and apart from me.

Limitations. We all have them, and we  need to accept them. Dependent on God and interdependent on each other in Jesus for the world.