truth is personal

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Truth ultimately is personal in nature. It is relational. Of course there is truth which is factual in nature, gathering data as is done in science. We live in an age brimming over with knowledge, and yet it seems like we’re no further along in wisdom in many respects, with perhaps some exceptions. That is because truth is essentially personal and relational and is tied to love. If we don’t love others, what we know won’t matter, in fact it may well be harmful.

While we can appreciate knowledge and from common grace work at using that knowledge for good, we can find coherence and meaning to everything only in and through a person, Jesus. He is the truth, as well as the way and the life. In him all things find there place and are united together. And that truth is made manifest in the church, in our lives in Jesus, and essentially in no other place during this present time. Except where God may be working in ways we can’t tell, or see.

I easily become impersonal in my quest and taking in of truth. I’ve listened to the Bible being read for years, and because it is the written word of God, God has gotten through to me personally time and time again, but that’s been largely in spite of myself. I tend to be rather impersonal toward God since I’ve struggled emotionally so much of my life with the sense of not being loved. Of course I know better than that, but the heart can lag behind and not at all match the head, which often has been quite the case with me.

As one who is always interested in knowledge, I must ever keep before me the personal nature of truth. That Jesus is the truth who leads us to God, and who helps us sort everything out to give it its proper value.

Truth in and through Jesus ends up being personal and relational for those who through faith in Jesus begin to follow him. The personal nature of truth should be apparent in our witness and in our sharing with others of the gospel of King Jesus. It should be apparent in our emphasis on love: to God and to our neighbor as ourselves. All of this rooted in, and finding its life from Jesus himself.

I still “see through a glass darkly.” I grope, but I go on, thankful for all the glimpses of this which God gives me in his grace through Jesus. And so we seek to live this out together in Jesus and for the world.

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