the walk of faith, no matter what

Scripture repeatedly likens life to a walk. And we know in this world that it’s not “a walk in the park,” though we would like it to be, and sometimes rather crave for that. We’d like to escape all the problems, troubles and issues that seem to encounter us at most every turn, but there’s no escape.

My first response oftentimes, instead of immediately praying, is to try to find a way of escape. When I don’t, I then have often plummeted into a kind of darkness and despair, one might say even a desperate or dread darkness. And finally by and by I simply accept both the trouble, and my own darkness. I accept that as one who is at this point at last committed to simply going on in the walk of faith God calls us to in Jesus. And that’s when the light begins to dawn, or probably more precisely, when my focus is no longer on the problem, but more on the Lord, and God’s call for me to walk in him.

We need to be deliberate in good times and bad. I can’t escape the problem, but I can live in that trouble in faith through the grace of our Lord. Our goal is to go on and follow the Lord, no matter what. To know that he will be faithful, no matter what, through everything. That yes, as he has seen us through everything in the past, he wants us to walk right through the valley of deepest darkness by faith, again. And that while it’s not comfortable for us, we can be comforted knowing he is with us and will help us.

And we do this not just by ourselves, but with others in Jesus, indeed with their help, through their listening hearts, counsel and prayers. Together for the world.