There is one thing among a number of other things actually, which ought to characterize us as followers of Jesus. Openness, or being open. And I phrase it followers of Jesus, rather than believers, or Christians, etc., not because the latter terms would be inaccurate, but to get us in a certain mindset.

We need to be open, yes as to what God would teach us, how he may reveal something of himself to us of his heart and will.

I want to be open on all sorts of fronts, though I acknowledge that isn’t easy, because I haven’t come to where I am on many issues without going through a good number of experiences, along with some thinking, through years and decades. “It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.” We need to develop and become set in having a faith which receives and accepts the kingdom of God as a little child. If that is how we’re to enter into God’s kingdom, we do well to hold on to and perhaps develop in some way that kind of faith. Yes, our faith is to mature, but no, not so that we no longer receive God’s kingdom as a little child.

In a way that is easy for me, but in another way, not. Because I tend to keep asking questions, and seem to be skeptical by nature in some ways at least. But I need to be open to what God might teach me, something that is entirely new to me in some way. Maybe something I know somewhat in life, but need to know much further both in a deeper sense as well as with new application.

And so I look to the Lord at the beginning of a new week, desiring to be open with others in Jesus for the world.