real life

There are times when I think, so to speak, I won’t make it through the day. Or that my life is essentially over. I start imagining my tombstone. Life can seem humdrum, boring and dry. Simply the same old, same old. I am much helped by my wife, and that helps keep me afloat during such times. And I can mark it down that I am rebelling against a dry time in my life, rather than by faith seeking God in it.

Of course I know the answer in my head, but too often that answer doesn’t get to my heart, and into my life. I know quite well how to manage and do what needs to be done, since I’ve experienced this malaise for years. But over time when life has taken its toll in a number of ways, one begins to think that they’re reaching the end of their rope.

The question for the follower of Christ is simple. Are we really following Christ? Are we endeavoring not to be anxious about anything, but to commit everything to God? Are we really seeking to live a life in him with all that means? If that’s the case, we won’t be on our own. It’s not like we’ll be the ones doing it.

That will have different results for different people, but there will (or should) be some things held in common in varying ways by all. There will be a concern for the poor shown in practical down to earth good works. There will be a commitment to Christ’s body, the church. There will be a desire to share and live out the good news in King Jesus. And there will be a passion to see God’s will done on earth, as it is in heaven.

What this all adds up to is a life in God through Jesus by the Spirit in the fellowship of the church in mission in Jesus to the world. In that through Jesus we find find real life.