keeping our eyes on Jesus

There are so many distractions  through which we can lose focus. They seem to be piled up on top of each other, but more likely it is especially one or two glaring ones for a season, with a lot of little ones that crop up like weeds, so to speak, day after day. For us in Jesus, our focus is to be on him, and on God’s will in him for us. We so easily get caught up in something different, though, in this and that.

To follow the pioneer and perfecter of faith, Jesus, we are to run a race, a long one, ongoing, with our eyes fixed on him. In that context it means we live by faith, in the way no less,  of Jesus.

But what if everything inside of me compels me to focus on what troubles me? I don’t think we should fight that directly, and sometimes it’s hard to fight it indirectly. I think there is wisdom in accepting where we are. Learning to accept the struggle and sometimes even the defeat. I’m not at all advocating excusing sin, or indulging in it because we are weak, or sorely tempted. Not at all. But what I am suggesting is that we need to accept the struggle we are in, the troubling aspects of that. I would take such to be part of the long race we’re to run.

Fixing our eyes on Jesus means looking to his example by his words, deeds and life, found in scripture. And it means seeking to live in him by the Holy Spirit in this life, a life which is oriented in God’s community in Jesus, and that is missional in sharing and living out the good news of King Jesus.

A large part of learning to fix our eyes on Jesus, is simply thinking about the importance of that in the midst of our failing to do so. We learn to acclimate ourselves to a new culture so to speak, which flies in the face of the culture we’ve lived in for so long. And which seems to fly in the face of reality, as well. The world as we understand it. And that world, actually apart from God and his grace and kingdom, when it comes right down to it.

The Lord will help us, as we look to him concerning this, and give our attention to it. Yes, in spite of whatever, and in spite of ourselves. Together with others in him for the world.