It at least used to be with the older radio waves, the transmitters and receivers, that there would be serious interference here and there. The picture on the television might fade in and out. The music or voice on the radio would become fuzzy and nearly fade out. Sometimes the atmosphere may have been too charged with electricity. Or whatever the case may have been, there was an unclear signal.

Often I think something of the same is going on in my life. Usually for me it comes up in the form of anxiety and fear. And oddly enough I can’t come up with good answers to really resolve it, or at least not good enough in my book.

That’s when I have to turn anew to God and to God’s promises in and through Jesus found in scripture. And I have to find my way around by scripture. Scripture is honest and sometimes quite raw. A favorite psalm of mine (Psalm 88) is mostly lament from start to finish, and one in which there seems to be no hope, or in which all hope is lost. It is at least a psalm of deep darkness throughout. One might say, profound depression.

The psalmist at the beginning calls to God as the God of his/her salvation. And yet life has fallen apart. In the end darkness is the psalmist’s closest friend.

I really can hardly stand to say that what I experience has good in it. I really honestly dislike to the point of hate, what I so often experience, because I often see no good in it, only bad. What’s so encouraging about Psalm 88 is that the psalmist seems to be going through the same thing. There is no light, only darkness and despair. But it is encouraging and good that the psalmist acknowledges the Lord as the God of their salvation, in  spite of their experience. It is also encouraging that the psalmist is wearing no mask; they can be completely themselves before God, albeit I’m sure with a certain reverence for God intact. Though sometimes in scripture that reverence seems to be undergoing considerable stress (I think of some of Jeremiah’s laments in the book of Jeremiah).

And so there are at least two major points we can take home from this. Be yourself before God; let him know your woes. And look to God as the God of your salvation. Through his promises  in Jesus found in scripture. Look to God for his answer, and keep looking.

And then the interference will be replaced by a new dependence on God. A new posture of faith in him. Utterly and completely dependent on him, “at his (good) mercy.” In and through Jesus together with others for the world.