in a battle

I am reminded enough of the time that the Lord is with me, with us in him. And I’m also reminded often enough that we’re in a battle. Out of nowhere will come this or that kind of attack. It becomes nothing less than a kind of wrestling, or worse- a kind of paralysis setting in which is not of the Lord. And yet which the Lord can use for his glory and our good.

We’re told that we’re to be strong in the Lord’s, in his mighty strength. And that we’re to put on the whole armor of God, what that armor is, and that we are to be in the posture of resisting, and standing our ground. It does not sound to me like something that is fun, or like a game. For those who have fought in actual physical warfare, especially over time, they’ll tell you just how horrible war is, or can be. There certainly is ample testimony to that. In the realm of spiritual warfare, which I refer to in this post, it is no more glamorous. It can be just as challenging, if not more so. One’s heart can seem at stake.

It is good to know this ahead of time, so that we aren’t knocked off our feet, unaware. And we need to learn to continue well in the truth and love of God in Jesus, even during such times, one might say especially during such times, though living out the truth and love in Jesus should be no more or less important any time. It may be more to the fore as in practicing it, during certain times.

And it’s notable in the passage referred to that we’re to always be strong in the Lord, and put on the armor of God, so that we’re ready for the day of evil. Because it will come, inevitably. We need to learn to do well in that, so that we not only don’t lose our balance, but keep it well. That we can grow to be better in doing well in the midst of these kind of battles. Prayer, and asking for prayer from others, is in the context of the passage. Paul was in the thick of the battle, so that we’d rather expect that he would ask for prayer. He didn’t just request it for the good of those who would pray, but for himself, that he would boldly make known the mystery and truth of the gospel.

Yes, it is a spiritual battle we in Jesus are in, and in which we are often engaged. The Spirit of God is with us to help us in and through Jesus together for the world.