Sometimes, given all that is out there to read and study, and given my interest in a good number of issues, and especially on certain issues, I know that I am unable to make the kind of judgment I want to make about any given matter. I can throw up my hands in despair, not knowing where to begin. Actually anyone who has been blessed to devote their lives to serious study would say the same. But at least they can think in depth on something.

But then I remember what I thought God may have been telling me some years back. Read. And I can turn on my classical music, and simply read. What happens from that surely will be humble indeed, but it is evidently one major aspect of how God wants to make me useful in his will for the world.

We in Jesus each have something to do for the good of others. It will be humble and limited, but through God it can be helpful to others, and maybe all the world to someone in a particular need. God through Jesus is faithful to help us, so that we can help others. Each of us having our part in Jesus for the world.