waiting on the Lord

We are told to not lose heart over the troubles and problems of this world. That those who wait on, or hope in the Lord will gain new strength, or will renew their strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

The Lord gives us strength according to our day, or for what we need for the day. Our posture is to be one of faith, one of hope, one of expectation. We’re to wait on God.

In Jesus we know by faith that God is present with us. We live in God’s presence, and God is our ever present help in whatever trouble we may be in. And God helps us to live according to his will, to grow in that, in and through Jesus. Which means being committed to the body of Christ, which by the Spirit we are joined to. And being committed to the mission of God in Jesus for the world according to God’s call to us and through the body of Christ of which we are a part.

Waiting on the Lord means our eyes are set on God in Jesus. We are looking to God for all we need, and seeking to live in that provision, even in all our own weakness and insufficiency. We will find that even in our failure, and our weakest points, God will meet us as we humbly come to him. His grace will be sufficient for us. And we will find his wisdom and strength to go on. In God’s good will in his grace and kingdom come in Jesus together with others for the world.