love and marriage

Today is our 27th wedding anniversary. The Lord has been gracious and good to us over the years.

When a man and woman are joined together in holy matrimony, the two become one flesh. And that is likened to the mystery of Christ and the church.

In this day and age everything tends to be desacralized, made something less than sacred.  God’s design and blessing for marriage is sacred according to scripture. Jesus echoed the words of Genesis in his teaching, that a man would leave his father and mother and be united to his wife so that the two would become one flesh. With the admonition that what God had joined together, man was not to separate.

Marriage is for the good of humankind in many ways. Love is a commitment to each other, ideally based on God’s love in Christ. It is a love which is never to be compromised or violated. The man and the woman are to be committed to each other, until the death of one or the other. Their bond is exclusive, no other in heart or body is to enter into either of their lives or affections. And the old words, “for better or for worse,” are important. Holy matrimony is before God, and though as one of Anabaptist persuasion I don’t believe in vows, our yes should be even more binding by God’s grace to us in Christ.

And so I thank God for my bride of twenty-seven years, Debra. Who is a blessing to me from God, even as I hope I am a blessing to her. And whether married or single, we are all in the blessing of God together in Jesus for the world.