dormant times

Sometimes, and maybe for significant periods of time, our lives can seem to lie dormant, of little use, seemingly inactive. Of course we need to question ourselves and God during such times. Perhaps we are not pursuing God and his will for us. On the other hand, it may be a time ordered by God for us in which God wants to do some special work.

It is common during such times to be tempted to give up, and easy to all but do so. Even if there’s something of God’s life apparent in us to keep the pilot light burning, though it may seem to be flickering at times, one may simply in their heart in many ways give up. Such times bring danger if one is not seeking to walk with God, even closely with God in spite of the season. One might be tempted in an area in which they are weak. This is when we need to be all the more still and silent before God. Waiting on him for his word and moving.

During dormant times God may be doing some significant pruning, to make us more fruitful in our lives and work at a later time. We may think we’re going backwards, that we’ve lost something, perhaps the spark and drive we had before. But we may be losing stuff in or about our lives which is not helpful for God’s life and love to flow through us. As down and out as we may often feel, we shouldn’t lose heart, but we should continue on in prayers and waiting on God, all the while doing what we can do, what we find to do.

The season of fruit, even much fruit is next. Apparent in our own lives, and out from our lives for the blessing of others.

We need to keep this in mind when we are going through a dry season, a seemingly dormant one, along with others in Jesus for the world.