living in a broken world

I accept evolution, while accepting the Genesis account at the same time. I believe death was in the original creation, for example a literal Adam and Eve had to eat vegetation, which meant the vegetation had to die. Humanity’s sin resulted in the certain death which stalks and overtakes us all, and is in the end destroyed in and through Christ. I believe the story in Genesis is an account of God’s ultimate intention in creation to be fulfilled only in Christ, and not an idyllic past. Adam and Eve needed to partake of the tree of life in order to live forever, so they are not created immortal in the story, I take it. And so the teaching of a fall is accurate in that humankind disobeyed God and is therefore subject to the pain that Adam and Eve end up being subject to in the story.

We live in a broken world. Time and time again that world confronts us, a wonderful world, and yet destined to come to an end, except for the Creator’s promise of a new creation in the redemption of this very same world in and through Jesus.

And I need to accept the problems that hit us which may not hit others, because that can make me a player in seeking to resolve those problems. “Out of sight, out of mind.” We all have our set of issues and concerns that are in our face, our problems as it were, along with the ideals in Jesus (for us as followers of Jesus) we want to live by. We need to ask God if we are present and so pressed “for such a time as this,” be it in supposedly small ways. And then in and out of prayer, act accordingly.

I tend to want to escape, or wish upon wish that I had avoided any such problem which I see as threatening to others, as well as to myself. Instead I need to accept where I am for whatever reason, including the possibility that I may be reaping something of what I have sowed, or failing to reap what I haven’t sowed in the past. Because of prayerlessness, or any other sin. And yet God is at work for good in all things for those who love him and are called according to his purpose. And that purpose is to be conformed to the image and likeness of Jesus, which involves a life that is not for ourselves, but for others. In the way of Jesus.

And so with these words, I look to the Lord and his strength. I seek his face, I hope more continually. As I go on with others in Jesus together for the world.