the Spirit’s insight

The Spirit of God knows and reveals the depths of God. And the Spirit gives us insight into others, so that we might better minister to their true need.

Of course this is all in line with scripture, God’s written word. None of this excludes our need to work hard at doing our best to handle accurately the word of truth, which is a big topic by itself. The Spirit will help us in that as well, but such help does not exclude serious attention on our part given to the work we must do to understand the word. In the end, the Spirit gives us the insight from the word to apply to our own lives first of all, as well as to the lives of those we seek to serve in the ministry of God’s word.

While the Spirit gives us insight to help people, similar to what has been said about the word, this does not exclude our need to get to know the people. That we spend time with them, and are committed to them. We need to understand something of the nature of their particular situation, to get a sense of where they live. As we make that effort, the Spirit can help us.

In all of this, we need to consciously and consistently seek the help of the Spirit of God. Sometimes that help comes in ways that we can hardly tell until perhaps afterward. But we will sense the help of the Spirit at times as well. Helping us to better apply God’s word to the people’s situation. We need to keep our contact with them going, along with our contact with the word, and with the Spirit of God.

Together in Jesus we do our part in this for each other and ultimately for the world.